As an animal lover, like you, I believe that your much loved pet deserves the best possible care, every day.

My name is Mary Broadbent, NCMH, CAP 1-2, AMACC. I hold the National Certificate in the Management of Horses and also have qualifications in Canine Psychology, Canine Behaviour & Training (Advanced), Dog to Dog Aggression (Advanced) and Clicker training Competency Assessment Program levels One and Two 'Distinction'. I am also an associate member of the Animal Care College. I regularly attend courses for trainers, seminars and conferences to keep up to date with the latest techniques.

I decided to set up Leaps and Bounds after many years practical experience gained from experts in the field of animal training and behaviour worldwide, using kindness, patience and reward and having an understanding of animal perception.

As a child I grew up in a household full of pets, we kept a variety of different animals including cats, kittens, rabbits, budgerigars, goldfish and gerbils. At College, I studied animal husbandry and spent my holidays doing the rounds with the local vets.

My experience includes helping over a thousand people and their dogs with training and resolving behavioural problems, 15 years with Racehorses and two years at a veterinary practice. I can relate to people dealing with behavioural problems with their dogs, having worked through and resolved problem behaviours with my own dogs in the past including separation anxiety, car phobia, gun shyness, over- reactive behaviour (towards people, other dogs and novel situations), chasing, bolting, fear of particular places brought on by one off incidents, traffic shyness and dog/dog aggression. 

Having studied dog behaviour and consulted animal behaviourists and veterinary surgeons over many years, I have gained valuable knowledge and understanding of people’s pets. I have also experience of dog training in Agility, Flyball, Gun Dog Training, Clicker Training and Obedience training as well as Puppy socialisation and training and Horse Training. I hold the National Certificate in the Management of Horses and also have qualifications in Canine Psychology, Canine Behaviour & Training and am an associate member of the Animal Care College.

My husband and I live in the heart of the Oxfordshire Countryside with our two children, our Labradors, rabbits and birds. We have plenty of local walks, so your dog can enjoy a change of scenery, and we find that visiting dogs settle in well here. They tend not to fret and have a great time playing and going out on local walks.

I am recommended by my local vets and animal behaviourists, who have known me and my pets for many years. Over the years I have shared my life with a variety of much loved pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and horses.

“My dog is so thrilled to see Mary that there is no doubt what fun she has.”

S. Gilbert. West Hendred

"After attending Leaps and Bounds Socialisation and Training we now have a really well adjusted pet and it has helped us to understand the psychology involved, it's made a real difference - Great!"

H. Bishop, Wantage

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"Mary has socialised and trained our Golden Retriever to a high standard - behaviour problems were addressed kindly and effectively" - while she's been - "having fun and well looked after"

P. Wilson, Grafton

We have been very fortunate to have found Mary to help us train our new Flatcoat retriever puppy. We joined her puppy socialising classes which have been superb. She uses very clear teaching techniques and has a detailed teaching agenda, so nothing is left out. Having never trained a dog before we thought we would be overwhelmed with information, but her classes are nicely paced with a realistic expectation of what can be practised and achieved in between the sessions. She has a very practical approach to training and so the techniques are really transferable into everyday life.
Nick & Emma Marsh, West Hendred

Recommended by our local Vets